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Fred Perry Polo Shirt

I think you have to be a certain type of chick to be able to pull off a Fred Perry top ….. and also want to! 

When This is England was released I was obsessed with ‘Lol’ (Vicky McClure). She was fierce, cool as hell, stylish and ruthless, she became my idol. However, this goes back to taste and individual style and some people won’t get why I liked her ….. but I’m not asking you too. I’ve included a pic of her in my blog because she is flawless 👑

I have always been a fan of polo shirts and I think they look really good with skinny jeans and heeled boots, a tight midi skirt or denim shorts. 

It was recently my birthday and I was bought the Fred Perry Star Embroidered Piqué Polo Shirt from the Bella Freud collection. They have sold out of pink but I have linked the same t-shirt in white at the bottom.

It’s like a ‘girly’ Fred Perry shirt as not a lot of their shirts are pink and have stars on. I really like their collection of polo shirts this season and I would definitely have more in my wardrobe if I could. However, they’re a little out of my price range to be making this a regular thing.

After the This is England phase I tried to dress like Lol as much as possible, almost a bit ‘Mod’ like. I bought old school Levi jeans and Fred Perry tops. I quickly realised that people didn’t get it and someone once shouted ‘who the f**k do you think you are’ and I thought what …..! Being an individual is unique but you have to be ready to take some criticism, but also plenty of compliments 💁🏼.

I wear what I want to wear and if you have your own style and you love being adventurous then I take my hat off to you ….. ⚡️

Fred Perry Polo Shirt


Off the Shoulder

I’m sure your Instagram is like mine, full of well dressed, attractive females in the latest high street trend ….. including off the shoulder tops or dresses.

I was always unsure of the whole ‘off the shoulder’ clothing as I didn’t want to mess around with a strapless bra. There is also the lack of movement i.e when giving someone a hug, and also how to wear a jacket with an off the shoulder top/dress ….. I haven’t had these dilemmas yet and I plan to wear my top when it’s summer – so I’m good to go.

I decided to buy a dark colour so that I could go bra-less and bought the Ribbed off the shoulder top for £6.99 from H&M. I have linked this at the bottom of the page.

I actually really like this top and think it looks really nice. I feel quite glam and sophisticated ….. 😜. It’s a bit sexy whilst being chic (I’m hoping you will agree) 

I will wear mine with some skinny jeans or a pair of denim shorts, but they are really versatile so even a skirt or some smart trousers – depending on what look you want to go for.

If, like me, you have admired the girls from Pretty Little Thing or Miss Guided and wondered if an off the shoulder would suit you, I would definitely say try it. I am mildly surprised that I really like mine and I’m pleased with the cheap price as well.

Show those shoulders and enjoy.

Ribbed off the shoulder



Walking Sandals

Ok, I appreciate I’m not 60 but, I have been searching for some comfortable walking sandals for months.

I recently walked 38 miles (it was meant to be 50 but blisters got the better of me in the end) and just before I finished I noticed a lady in sandals. Basically she had changed her shoes throughout the walk from walking boots to sandals to even flip flops. I thought she was crazy ……. but she’s actually a genius really. She didn’t wear a pair of shoes long enough to create blisters and her feet got air and stayed cool. So, mission sandals was on!! I’m also going to Barcelona in a few weeks so I wanted some nice sandals that I would be comfortable walking around in.

I bought these gorgeous sandals from Teva and they are the Original Universal Crafted Leather in Tan and they were £55. I have linked them below. 

I know some of you may think this is a bit steep for some sandals but honestly, the quality and comfort is amazing. They also look good and are still trendy – for a walking sandal.

I hadn’t heard of Teva before so if you haven’t either I would recommend their shoe range and will definitely be buying from them again 🙌🏻


Teva Sandals


Hellooooooo, I’m back. Sorry I haven’t written a blog for a while. Anyway ………

I’ve wanted a new swimsuit for quite a while as the one I have is a bit boring. I know everyone is different but I only wear a bikini when I’m away on holiday (for maximum tan results) and the rest of the time I wear a swimsuit. There are some really nice designs, styles and colours out at the minute so I have deliberated over which one to get for months.

However, I decided on the gorgeous Calvin Klein Cheeky Scooped Swimsuit in Diva Pink. It was in the sale at £37.50!!! I have linked this at the bottom of the page.

It feels really nice on. The back is quite low and I like that, I’m sure I read somewhere that an open back is the most sexiest look on a female ….. apparently! I love the little Calvin Klein pin at the back as well, classic.

My swimsuit at the minute is black and I wanted something fresh and colourful so when I saw this Calvin Klein one, I instantly loved it. As you know from reading my previous blogs I don’t buy designer clothes but this just happens to be Calvin, but in the sale, and it was around the same price as other swimsuits I have seen on ASOS so I thought why not 💁🏼

I’m heading to Barcelona soon so il definitely be showing off my new swimsuit. If you’re a bikini girl I think you should take a look at some of the swimsuits out there as some are really flattering, trendy, bright and affordable. I can recommend the selection at ASOS 💎

Calvin Klein Swimsuit



Ok, I love socks. I wear them pretty much everyday (aside from when I have tights on of course). I went to Vegas for my 30th and even wore socks with my sandals – much to my sisters horror 💁🏼

I also cannot stand to wear, or see, shoes/trainers without socks. Sweaty, smelly feet – no, urgh, just no!

Most people accessorise their outfits with jewellery or a handbag but mine are socks. If I’m wearing a skirt for work with a grey top I will wear my grey glitter socks, or if I have a pink top on and jeans, I will roll my jeans up so my socks can be seen, and flash my pink fishnet socks.

I also know some people look and I know they are thinking “what the hell” but I do not care haha. 

I used to hate the whole socks and sandals thing but then I got my amazing KG sandals and rocked them with my spotty socks and loved the look so changed my mind.

I also have a few pairs of knee high socks that I will wear to work with a black skirt and a shirt – bringing some sass to the office 👑

I have taken photos of some of my favourite pairs of socks as I didn’t want to photograph my entire drawer. Most of my socks are from ASOS as they seem to have the best range that is good quality and affordable. 

I know they are just socks but you can get some really pretty ones that add a bit of individuality to an outfit. Try the socks and sandals thing – I think you will be surprised at how much you love it ✨


Sports Wear

When I go to the gym, or cycle to work, my make-up comes off, hair gets scraped back and I wear some leggings, an old vest or a t-shirt that once belonged to an ex. I also work hard and sweat ….. a lot 🔥But for some girls it’s a full on fashion parade – complete with a full face of make-up …… each to their own I guess.

These new tops that I have bought are about as ‘trendy’ as I will go for exercise. They were also in the sale which helps.

Both tops are from MissGuided and this first one is the Active Black Tropical Print Sports Vest which was £10. Black is such a flattering colour and teamed with the tropical print, I really liked this vest. I think it is subtly trendy for gym wear. It also feels like a swimming costume material which is weirdly nice.

The second is the Active Green Crossover Back Sports Top which was £10. I just love the detail on the back of this top. It’s a wide, open neck and it’s really different. I’m also loving animal print at the minute so this top is perfect. I’m almost tempted to wear it as a normal top with some skinny jeans 💁🏼

I have linked both items at the bottom of the page.

I think if you feel good in what you wear the urge to go to the gym and show your clothes off will spur you on. If you’re just starting out, persevere, get some new gym clothes, go show them off and trust me, no one is looking at you and thinking ‘what the hell’ ….. be confident, work hard and enjoy. 

Miss Guided still have their sale on so grab some cheap sportswear whilst it’s on offer 🔥

Tropical Vest
Crossover Top



Printed Shirt

Zara have the most beautiful printed shirts/blouses. I could have easily bought another 3 from their website, but gotta be sensible right?!

This is the Printed Blouse with Polo Neck which was £29.99. I have linked this at the bottom of the page.

I love pastel colours and I think they suit me so I’m drawn to any clothes that have that creamy/pastel colouring. I also love animals so this shirt is perfect!

It sits really nice and floaty and looks great with a pair of skinny jeans. I’m a massive fan of a shirt with no collar. I think it still has the smartness of a shirt but looks fresh and slick.

The shirt has quite a low v-neck which I don’t normally go for but I think it looks really cute. I always worry about a shirt side-boob view, you know when the shirt pulls at the boobs, however, because the shirt is really floaty I don’t have to worry about that happening 🌸

Anyway, as summer approaches get searching for that cute shirt with say leaves on, or the sunshine or flowers – it brightens up any day.

Printed Shirt – Zara



Statement Jewellery 

An outfit can be transformed by a statement piece of jewellery. A simple LBD can become slick with a velvet choker or a shirt and a pencil skirt can look chic with a long pendant.

Some of you who read my blog don’t know me so just to tell you, I am a huge animal lover. Whether it’s dogs, cats or horses to pigeons, crows or hedgehogs to ladybirds and bumblebees – I love them all 😍. This leads me onto my new piece of jewellery ….

Lucy’s Instagram page (lucylus_art) appeared on my explore page, an image of the selection of bird necklaces that she has made, which prompted me to look at the rest of her page. The link to her Etsy page is also on there which is where I purchased my necklace from.

Lucy hand makes necklaces, earrings and ornaments of animals, cakes, people, flowers ….. anything really and they are just adorable.

So, I bought the Tiny Hand Sculpted Pigeon Pendant with a 16 inch chain which was £41. How amazing is this. I absolutely love this necklace and I’m so pleased with how cute it is. The detail is perfect and so accurate. I don’t think I have seen anyone else with a necklace like this (in Sheffield at least) which makes it even more special to me.

It’s different, creative and Lucy is so so talented. She has the patience of a saint and the steady hand of a brain surgeon 🙌🏻

Some of you may think that I have been asked to write this blog but I haven’t. I’m writing it because I write about all new things I love and because it’s gorgeous and unique and Lucy’s page is definitely worth a look 🐦🦄

H&M Treats

When the H&M catalogue lands in my postbox I read it immediately and fold down the pages I will go back to, then I work through the app ….. it’s a very thorough process 💁🏼

Anyway, I cycle to work and carry all my clothes, make up, handbag, lunch etc etc and I have been wanting a small handbag to fit into my cycle bags and I then saw this little beauty on their website.

It’s the Shoulder bag in yellow/metallic which was £12.99. It’s such a gorgeous colour and thankfully fits in what I need. It’s ideal now for spring/summer but I’ll use this even on a glum cloudy day to brighten things up ✨

I’ve realised my favourite colour is nude/icy pink and my favourite material is pleats. If you follow my blog you will remember the pleated trousers post I did with 3 pairs from Topshop; just in different colours. Well, I’ve bought myself the Pleated top in powder which was £12.99. Ahhhhhhh I love it. It’s effortless but so flattering and so pretty. I especially love the wide neckline and the edge of the top is a raw rough edge, almost like you had cut the seams off ….. 

I have linked both of the items at the bottom of the page.

I’m slowly bringing out my summer wardrobe so keep your eye on my posts as I will be showing some lovely summer pieces I have. 

Also, check out the new range in H&M – it will prepare you and style you ready for summer ☀️

Metallic bag
Powder Pleated Top


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