Now, I’m not precious when it comes to visiting a charity shop, a car boot sale or getting a bag of clothes given to me from my friends.

My work friend recently gave me a bag of clothes and some of the clothes were awful – think 70’s bold colours and dreadful patterns – but towards the end of the bag I found this beauty of a dress (from Mango) so I had to show you all. Just look at it ….. ✨

Regardless to this being second hand, a little too big for me and probably not something I would have bought myself – I love it. When I tried the dress on I knew I was keeping it (I just need a vest to wear under it to add the finishing touch I think).

I’ve always wanted to be a ‘flapper’ girl – I think with this dress and maybe a scarf in my hair, I’m nearly there!

Roll on the parties 🎀