I had to laugh when I read the Urban Dictionary’s definition of ‘boyfriend shirt’. It reads:

‘Shirt girl wears that belongs to her boyfriend and therefore most likely 10 times larger than her body size. May also stink with sweat or possess an overpowering smell of cologne depending on her boyfriends hygiene’.

Hahaha, the shirt I am showing you is none of the above. This Levi original shirt was £8 from a charity shop! It may have been someone’s smelly boyfriends shirt (but definitely not mine) and I think it fits me perfectly. It’s a size M so I did wonder who Levi were tailoring this for as I would say a size 8 woman!

Even though this is a mans shirt, I still feel really feminine and it fits my figure well. That doesn’t mean that I won’t team it with some lace up heeled boots for when I meet my friends for lunch or pop it over a dress to go for drinks.

So, get looking through charity shops or your boyfriends/girlfriends wardrobe and steal yourself a shirt – but be sure to wash it first 💫