The only time fake is better than the real thing.

I always thought faux fur could look a bit tacky and that it wasn’t for me. But then I found the items that I am showing you and realised I have quite a few of these and feel really trendy and pretty in them.

Both my cardigan and jacket are from H&M and my high neck crop is from Primark. All three of these items go with anything. I have worn the high neck top on a night out with a skirt (albeit it, I was boiling) but I have also teamed it with jeans for a more casual look. Like most of my clothes they are simple, pretty but also allow me to feel my best!

Funny story behind the cardigan though – me and one of my favourite friends were out and about and we saw the cardigan hanging up all alone (not in a shop I might add) so I of course tried it on, loved it and walked off with it ha ha ha 💁🏼

I am massively against animal cruelty and find the use of real fur disgusting and upsetting. There really is no need!

Faux fur items have made a huge comeback, just in time for the festive season so why not add some to your Christmas list 🎁