Ha ha ha, the title is what me and my sister call the dress – it just makes me smile. “Can I borrow the Tina Turner dress?” 

I must have had this dress around 8/9 years (from Select) and I absolutely love it. It’s had some wear out of it between me and my sister but it still looks brand new.

There has been some embarrassing times though when people have got caught onto the dress from giving me a hug and their watch strap has got caught on a tassle or if people have walked past me and their belt/bag has got caught. Being attached to a stranger, or even a friend, is highly embarrassing. All the same, it’s a really flattering dress – I just need to wear it with caution!

It’s probably one of few dresses that I have that I feel effortlessly good in and it puts me in a fun, ready to party mood.

If you want to feel glamorous and shimmy the night away, I would definitely get yourself a fringe style dress πŸ‘‘

I’ve also popped a little video up so you can see the movement of the dress – it’s ace πŸ’«β€‹