A ‘man’s best friend’ is undoubtedly his dog. 

I’m writing this blog about possibly the most important thing to me, more so than clothes and shoes, my little dog Rosalie. It’s her birthday today and she is 6 (40 in dog years apparently).

My little dog is crazy, loyal, silly and a great listener ha! She doesn’t ever judge my wardrobe choices and approves of most things I do. 

There are so many stories and pictures that I could endlessly tell you about but the ones that stick in my mind are when she pinched a rubber glove from me when I was applying fake tan and turned into a demon when I tried to take it off her, or when she excitedly does bum skids along the carpet (classic) or the weird relationship she has with her teddy bear when she decides to embarrass me and hump it in front of visitors or throw it around after they have clearly had a falling out. 

My life revolves around my dog but do you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I consider her in everything I do and I know she is happy, loved and we have loads of fun together. She is the best little thing in the whole world 🐢.

So, happy birthday Rosalie (aka sir Sid). You might be 40 today but you still look amazing and much cuter than me! 

Love you forever πŸ’–