I first bought a silver pair, then I bought the nude pair then I bought the black pair (all from Topshop, £32). I absolutely love these trousers. I don’t tend to buy the same clothes, in different colours, but I couldn’t resist with these.

I have worn them with heels or trainers, with a crop top or with a jumper as they are really versatile and look good dressed up or down. I wear mine quite high waisted as I feel better and personally, I think they look better this way. It makes the trousers a bit more like ‘ankle grazers’ but I don’t mind them being a tad half mast!!

Just make a note of the choice of colour before you wear them though, for example an Italian meal or a really hot, sweaty summers day – silver for example shows ‘marks’ let’s say ….. ☺️

These trousers are still available to buy in a lot of clothes shops; in lots of different colours and in pattern prints. They are well priced and look really chic for most occasions so trust me, you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.