I love tights. I love coloured ones, patterned ones, striped ones, animal print ones – you name it, I love them.

Wearing a pair of tights makes me feel secure, cosy and ready! Ready to head to work, ready to embrace the cold and ready for the day ahead. 

I think a simple outfit can be transformed by a great pair of tights. For work I tend to wear my coloured tights with a dress or a skirt and for parties, I like to wear my striped ones or my animal print ones. I think bare legs with short skirts might be a thing of the past you know – it is for me anyway ğŸ˜Ž

There are some funny ‘thoughts’ I have though when wearing tights and I bet you reading this will agree:

– Is this the front or back?

– Does it matter what denier?

– How high should I pull them up?

If you have read my previous blogs you will know that I like affordable clothes but it goes without saying that if you buy a cheap pair of tights they will snag, ladder and lose their elasticity the minute you put them on. So for tights, I will pay more than the average. Most of mine are from Marks and Spencer and H&M (£8-£12).

Remember, tights are sexy. So before the party don’t apply fake tan, get a coloured pair of tights, your favourite dress and those killer heels – this look works every time ğŸ’Ž