Bit daring aren’t they!

I have had this dress for years (from ASOS) and maybe worn it a handful of times. However, it is a dress that I feel really elegant in. There is something really sexy about having the whole of your back on show. Most backless dresses are simple at the front to add the ‘wow’ factor to the back of dress.

I only have little boobs and for a backless dress that works perfectly. I can get away with not wearing a bra and it doesn’t look that much different and doesn’t ruin the openness of the back. 

Alternatively, if you do need to wear a bra, but also want to rock a backless dress, maybe get one of those stick on numbers that everyone is raving about.

But, if you can get away with no bra – then go for it!! Also, maybe get some nipple plasters – but don’t forget you have them on, like I did!

There are loads of gorgeous party dresses out there but I think if you want a head turning, elegant and sexy dress – a backless dress is the one.

“We’re bringing sexy back ….”