I absolutely love Christmas. I love the festivities, the happiness, family time and of course, presents. I’ve never felt the need to wear a Christmas jumper though as I always thought it was a bit naff.

However, I have caved to the pressure and finally bought myself a Christmas jumper. It’s a pretty one though and not one with ‘Santa’s Ho Ho Ho’ sprawled across the front.

Regardless to what the theme is, you can still rock it and look like you made minimal effort – but still look great.

I know there are loads of classy Christmas jumpers out there and when I saw mine in the H&M catalogue and knew I had nailed it. (It was £14.99 item number 041950700). Just look how adorable the penguins are, they’re really soft too!

I’m volunteering with the homeless again this year so I bought mine for those days because I thought it would be nice, fun and festive and to also spread some Christmas cheer and happiness.

I will join the gang though for Christmas jumper day and donate my £2 to help save the lives of children. 

Enjoy and raise some money 👏🏻