Everyone loves pyjamas and the majority of females this Christmas will either be bought some pyjamas or have bought someone some pyjamas.

Im not fussy when it comes to pyjamas but they have to be long and warm – but that’s pretty standard isn’t it?! The majority of my pyjamas are either long sleeved or long legged but I do own the odd ‘short’ set which doesn’t get much wear as I end up freezing and changing into some trousers.

For me I think Matalan and H&M do great pyjamas which are affordable but still made of good, soft material. I’m not a sexy night-slip kind of girl who pays over the odds for nightwear. Sorry to disappoint guys šŸ”„

I asked my mum to buy me the all-in-one set from H&M because I loved it and whilst I do love wearing it, it’s a bit of a pain. I forgot the hassle of being topless every time I want to go to the toilet (especially in the middle of the night, it’s a tad chilly šŸ˜µ)

I know I will try and get as many pyjama days in as possible over the Christmas break and I hope you do to.

I want to wish you all a merry Christmas filled with laughter, family and making memories. 

Have a great day šŸ¤¶šŸ¼