HARC provides a safe and warm day shelter for homeless, rootless and vulnerable men and women between Christmas and new year. This has been my second year volunteering at the HARC project in Sheffield. 

I started volunteering because it upsets me to see, and know, that people are living outside who have absolutely nothing and have to live and survive on the cold streets. I know that there will still be a homeless problem, and me volunteering won’t change that, but it makes me happy to see the smiles on people’s faces and to know that giving up my time, is very much appreciated. 

Some people that visit the centre over Christmas aren’t necessarily homeless, they just don’t have anywhere else to go and that’s really sad to see. Some guests that come to the centre want to chat about all sorts and play games and some just want to be left to their own company but just to have the background noise. Either way, I’m happy to be there to be that person who they can chat to or try and beat me at cards …… one lady swore badly at me when I beat her last year 🤓

Christmas is a time for reflection and I definitely reflect and think back over the year. I appreciate the small things in life that we take for granted because there are human beings that are sleeping on pavements and benches who have nothing. 

You will only know and feel how rewarding and enjoyable volunteering is when you do it, so try it, get signed up (weblink below) and start volunteering at your local homeless shelter because they need your help, your time and your dedication 🌟

The picture I have posted with this blog was my Christmas Eve volunteering outfit – I thought I would be festive and cheery for the guests 🎄