When I see velvet I have to touch it. When I wear velvet I can’t help touching it. It’s just beautiful. Who can resist the allure of velvet? It oozes glam and a feeling of royalty.

This is another dress bought for me for Christmas and it’s from Zara. Unfortunately it isn’t online anymore but they have a lot of other gorgeous velvet dresses and tops. Some items are still in the sale (I think this dress was around Β£10 in the sale).

Velvet is such a glam material in itself so all this dress needs is a great pair of heels and hooped earrings. I’ll keep it quite minimal, accessories wise, because the dress doesn’t need jazzing up. It’s my friends birthday soon so I think I have my party outfit sorted 🎈

I keep finding myself drawn to velvet boots/shoes but I know that I would be too afraid to wear them in case it rained or they got scuffed so I’ll just keep admiring them from a distance….. for now! πŸ’πŸΌ

I believe velvet is an ‘all year round’ material that was perhaps once associated with winter and/or Christmas but things have now changed and I know there is a lot of velvet out there – that’s affordable. 

Your wardrobe isn’t complete unless you have some velvet in there so get shopping πŸ’Ž