Glitter boots – genius idea ✨

I have been after these boots for ages but I was reluctant to pay £40. I waited for the sales to happen and Zara saved the day!

These are the Shiny Sock Ankle Boots which were £19.99 (item no: 7120/101/092).

Aside from these being glitter the ‘sock’ effect really caught my eye. They are well fitted, tight and very flattering because of this.

The only thing I would say is, if these boots aren’t worn with the right outfit they will go from being amazing to looking like you have raided a children’s dress up shop! I will wear my boots with a short dress and no tights or skinny black jeans and a glam top. They are so nice that I don’t wanna take away from their sparkle 💫

I feel a bit like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz in mine and I’m so pleased I finally own a pair.

The Zara sale is amazing so if you’re not spent up from Christmas, get yourself there or online.

I wonder if these are acceptable work shoes ….. 😜