Aaaggghhhh look at my beautiful make up set and lip kit 💜💛

Now, I’m not a massive Kylie Jenner fan however, you have got to appreciate how good her make up looks and especially those lips! 

When she released her make up range I tried to get a lip kit but they sold out instantly so I just waited for the ‘storm to calm’ and thought I would treat myself with some money I got for Christmas.

I bought the Burgundy Palette Kyshadow which was $42 and the Lip Kit in shade Moon which was $29. Shipping is $14.95 but my friend was in America at the time so I saved money on postage. 

Her range isn’t cheap, I appreciate that, and if you follow my blogs you will know I don’t buy expensive things very often, but I had to try it. I caved to the pressure and hype 🤓

I haven’t actually used the eye palette yet as I need some practice in blending the colours and knowing where to shade and darken to enhance the eyes. The colours in the palette are absolutely beautiful though and I can’t wait to experiment.

The lip kit is quite possibly the best thing I have ever tried. It’s a lip liner that you coat the lips with and then apply the lip gloss …. which isn’t a gloss at all, it dries instantly and becomes a matte colour. I will admit, the colour is a lot darker on my lips than what it looks like on the box but I think the colour suits me and I really like it.

Check out my Instagram (debbiethedot). I will be wearing both the eyeshadows and the lip kit on nights out. I have a few coming up so you can see the make up as part of a full outfit.

Expensive make up isn’t always the best, but this lip kit is definitely worth the money 👄