I have always admired big skirts but just couldn’t see myself in one.

I was recently at a graduation ceremony and I saw a girl, who was not much taller than me, with the most beautiful red, big, floor length skirt. It looked so good on her because she had the waistband pulled quite high up, almost just under her boobs – and it looked amazing so I thought right, I’m trying a big skirt …… or two!

So, I bought this floral skirt from Boohoo and it is the Lua Autumnal Print Box Pleat Midi Skirt (item no: dzz6988014416) which was £6.00 in the sale – crazy!

I also saw this skirt from Zara and it is the Shiny Pleated Skirt (item no: 7288/256/050) which was £5.99 – again, crazy! This is my favourite skirt ever. I feel like a hula girl 🌼

I wear my big skirts with a tight fitting, plain top. Or even a crop top. I think crop tops are perfect with a big skirt as you can show some skin and not look drowned in material. Always wear heels with a big skirt. It will give you better posture and it makes your legs look longer and thinner.

Big skirts make me feel more girly than a short, tight skirt. Bizarrely. I think it’s because I can get away with ‘tiny’ up top, but not look too exposed, and the floaty effect makes me feel really feminine and pretty.

If like me you doubted big skirts then I really would try one, if you think it won’t suit you, you just might surprise yourself 👗