Florals can be a bit ‘loud’ can’t they. I appear to have acquired quite a few statement floral pieces recently. 

My last blog featured my floral floaty skirt and I wanted to show you a top that I was bought at Christmas and some trousers I recently bought from Boohoo.

The top is from ASOS and having tried to look for it again, it now isn’t available – sadly. I love how different this top is and that’s what caught my eye. I love the colours and the separation of the flower pattern throughout the top. I even bought myself some skinny navy trousers to wear especially with this top πŸ’

Now, the trousers. These are from Boohoo and are the Kellie Dark Floral Skinny Stretch Trousers and were Β£10.00 (item no: dzz6381810518). I have linked them at the bottom of the page.

I was dubious and didn’t think they would fit, however they do, but they are definitely skinny. I also ordered a size bigger than I normally am as I have a big bum and thighs πŸ™‹πŸΌ I thought the print on these trousers was really smart – not too loud but still smart so that I can wear them for work.

I’m fed up of winter and being cold so I’m wearing my bright floral clothes to cheer myself up and hopefully anyone who admires my outfit.

Bring on summer 🌼🐝

Boohoo floral skinny trousers