I’ll be honest, I hated statement prints. I thought some were tacky and some just god awful …. “bend over, I’ll drive” or “more issues than Vogue” ….. just no!!

However, I have turned a corner and purchased a statement t-shirt and a sports bra from Pretty Little Thing. I think you will like these.

One thing I will say about Pretty Little Thing is that their models are stunning! They make the clothes look amazing that’s for sure 😍

The t-shirt is the Boob Slogan Black t-shirt dress which was £12.00. This dress made me smile. I feel it’s a ‘bold’ and effortless dress without having to say anything. It’s quite long on me so I would probably wear this in summer with my Converse. I have linked this item at the bottom of the page.

The bra is the Pretty Little Thing Nude Sports Bra which was £10.00. The model for this is Kylie Jenner and I unfortunately don’t fill the bra like she does 😤 I have also linked this item at the bottom of the page.

I won’t be wearing this bra to the gym, or anything resembling sports, as it will be more of a fashion piece in the summer underneath a tight white t-shirt or vest.

I really like clothes that have an elastic waistband with the brand written on. I think they look striking but also feel really flattering because the elastic creates a snug fit. 

I noticed Pretty Little Thing also do the leggings to match my sports bra so that might appear on my shopping list as well …. keep watching 👑

Slogan Boob Dress

Sports Bra