You either love vintage or you don’t. I, thankfully, love it.

Vintage shopping can be a bit tricky as you need to know what suits you, how your size and frame look in certain clothes, know where to look for good individual items and how much you can pull off the ‘look’. 

Sheffield has some amazing vintage stores such as Cow, Brag Vintage and Mooch Vintage to name a few. My purchases were from Mooch Vintage.

I have been on the hunt for a floral shirt for quite a while but I didn’t want one that someone else would have so I was really pleased when I found this shirt. The pattern had to be just right and this one is, also the sleeves are really floaty and baggy which I really like. 

My other purchase was a coral wool pencil skirt. The colour is just great and so bright. When I wore this quite a few people commented on how nice it was. Thank god for the underskirt though because gosh, wool is itchy 😮

Some vintage clothes can smell a bit musty so I would recommend dry cleaning some items if they do smell a bit. Also check the clothes for any stains, tears or rips but in particular, any moth holes. You don’t want clothes with moth holes in amongst all your other clothes, just in case.

You need to be in the mood and have the time to get the most out of vintage shopping so when you’re next free, head to one of your vintage shops and have a rummage. 

Who doesn’t love a bargain especially for a classic individual piece of clothing 💃🏻