Clothes with frills on are really popular right now but I’m still unsure about them.

When I think of frills I imagine the Victorian times and ‘proper’ ladies with their enormous dresses and high neck frilled collars. 

However, admittedly, I have seen some lovely shirts with a really bold frill across the chest and down the arms or a dress with big frill sleeves …… but I still think mmmhhhh! 

I do think frills are really feminine though, I just haven’t seen anything that I think yesssssss, I like those frills. Until now …..

I bought this dress from ASOS and it is the Lost Ink Double Frill Dress with Contrast Collar and it was £40. I have linked this at the bottom of the page.

I love the colour of this dress, the style, the length, the pattern and the delicate frill detail that I have been waiting for on an item. I saw the dress a couple of weeks ago and loved it but I was unsure. I kept thinking about it though and I always believe if an item of clothing sticks in your mind, get it!

So here it is, my gorgeous new dress with the perfect frill detail. Enjoy 👗

Lost Ink Frill Dress