Ok, I love socks. I wear them pretty much everyday (aside from when I have tights on of course). I went to Vegas for my 30th and even wore socks with my sandals – much to my sisters horror 💁🏼

I also cannot stand to wear, or see, shoes/trainers without socks. Sweaty, smelly feet – no, urgh, just no!

Most people accessorise their outfits with jewellery or a handbag but mine are socks. If I’m wearing a skirt for work with a grey top I will wear my grey glitter socks, or if I have a pink top on and jeans, I will roll my jeans up so my socks can be seen, and flash my pink fishnet socks.

I also know some people look and I know they are thinking “what the hell” but I do not care haha. 

I used to hate the whole socks and sandals thing but then I got my amazing KG sandals and rocked them with my spotty socks and loved the look so changed my mind.

I also have a few pairs of knee high socks that I will wear to work with a black skirt and a shirt – bringing some sass to the office 👑

I have taken photos of some of my favourite pairs of socks as I didn’t want to photograph my entire drawer. Most of my socks are from ASOS as they seem to have the best range that is good quality and affordable. 

I know they are just socks but you can get some really pretty ones that add a bit of individuality to an outfit. Try the socks and sandals thing – I think you will be surprised at how much you love it ✨