Hellooooooo, I’m back. Sorry I haven’t written a blog for a while. Anyway ………

I’ve wanted a new swimsuit for quite a while as the one I have is a bit boring. I know everyone is different but I only wear a bikini when I’m away on holiday (for maximum tan results) and the rest of the time I wear a swimsuit. There are some really nice designs, styles and colours out at the minute so I have deliberated over which one to get for months.

However, I decided on the gorgeous Calvin Klein Cheeky Scooped Swimsuit in Diva Pink. It was in the sale at £37.50!!! I have linked this at the bottom of the page.

It feels really nice on. The back is quite low and I like that, I’m sure I read somewhere that an open back is the most sexiest look on a female ….. apparently! I love the little Calvin Klein pin at the back as well, classic.

My swimsuit at the minute is black and I wanted something fresh and colourful so when I saw this Calvin Klein one, I instantly loved it. As you know from reading my previous blogs I don’t buy designer clothes but this just happens to be Calvin, but in the sale, and it was around the same price as other swimsuits I have seen on ASOS so I thought why not 💁🏼

I’m heading to Barcelona soon so il definitely be showing off my new swimsuit. If you’re a bikini girl I think you should take a look at some of the swimsuits out there as some are really flattering, trendy, bright and affordable. I can recommend the selection at ASOS ğŸ’Ž

Calvin Klein Swimsuit