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Topshop Sale

As I’m sure everyone is, I am drawn to a sale. I can’t help myself.

I don’t always shop at Topshop I’ve got to admit as I think their clothes are a little pricey, so when a sale is announced, I’m straight on it!!

However, sale shopping can be stressful and expensive. I try to have an idea of what I want/need and then narrow it down to those items. If you impulse buy you can spend a fortune and end up with loads of clothes you don’t really need. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price either. I always think ‘would I have bought this full price and what would I wear it with’ if the answer is no and nothing, then I don’t bother. I like a sale but I am quite sensible when shopping.

So, I got the Wrap Jersey Dress in an 8 which was £12.00. Khaki green is such a gorgeous colour and the dress is perfect for work. Simple, flattering and smart – perfect! Albeit, a little tight 🙃

I have linked the dress at the bottom of the page.

I also got the Heartbreaker Sleep t-shirt in an 8 which was £10.00. I have every intention of wearing this as a t-shirt with jeans – it’s too good to just waste asleep.

Unfortunately this t-shirt isn’t on their website anymore so I can’t link this – apologies.

I’m not sure how long the sale is on for but I was impressed with the range of clothes and their reduced prices, so when you have a free lunch break or a free evening, have a look through ✨

Topshop Wrap Dress





Clothes with frills on are really popular right now but I’m still unsure about them.

When I think of frills I imagine the Victorian times and ‘proper’ ladies with their enormous dresses and high neck frilled collars. 

However, admittedly, I have seen some lovely shirts with a really bold frill across the chest and down the arms or a dress with big frill sleeves …… but I still think mmmhhhh! 

I do think frills are really feminine though, I just haven’t seen anything that I think yesssssss, I like those frills. Until now …..

I bought this dress from ASOS and it is the Lost Ink Double Frill Dress with Contrast Collar and it was £40. I have linked this at the bottom of the page.

I love the colour of this dress, the style, the length, the pattern and the delicate frill detail that I have been waiting for on an item. I saw the dress a couple of weeks ago and loved it but I was unsure. I kept thinking about it though and I always believe if an item of clothing sticks in your mind, get it!

So here it is, my gorgeous new dress with the perfect frill detail. Enjoy 👗

Lost Ink Frill Dress



Vintage Clothes

You either love vintage or you don’t. I, thankfully, love it.

Vintage shopping can be a bit tricky as you need to know what suits you, how your size and frame look in certain clothes, know where to look for good individual items and how much you can pull off the ‘look’. 

Sheffield has some amazing vintage stores such as Cow, Brag Vintage and Mooch Vintage to name a few. My purchases were from Mooch Vintage.

I have been on the hunt for a floral shirt for quite a while but I didn’t want one that someone else would have so I was really pleased when I found this shirt. The pattern had to be just right and this one is, also the sleeves are really floaty and baggy which I really like. 

My other purchase was a coral wool pencil skirt. The colour is just great and so bright. When I wore this quite a few people commented on how nice it was. Thank god for the underskirt though because gosh, wool is itchy 😮

Some vintage clothes can smell a bit musty so I would recommend dry cleaning some items if they do smell a bit. Also check the clothes for any stains, tears or rips but in particular, any moth holes. You don’t want clothes with moth holes in amongst all your other clothes, just in case.

You need to be in the mood and have the time to get the most out of vintage shopping so when you’re next free, head to one of your vintage shops and have a rummage. 

Who doesn’t love a bargain especially for a classic individual piece of clothing 💃🏻



I’m addicted to shopping at Zara. Phew, felt good to get that off my chest 🤓

I have bought quite a few items from the Zara sale and today I’m going to show you another bargain and also another item from their normal range. 

I bought the furry (faux) bag in purple (item no: 3920/006) which was £12.99 (this wasn’t in the sale). I have been after a new handbag for a while and I saw this and thought, yes! It’s different, it stands out and it’s so soft, I love it. 

I also bought these Printed Crepe Trousers in size S (item no: 7521/225) which were £7.99. I just couldn’t resist these and for £7.99 who could?! They kind of remind me of a really nice sofa in a stately home though …. but I don’t care. They are beautiful and so smart. What I didn’t notice online was that the trim down the side is velvet in a gorgeous dark green colour – it’s the little details that make something amazing I think ✨

I have linked both items at the bottom of the page.

I think Zara has become my favourite shop. Throughout Christmas their party dress range was stunning, their January sale has been very cheap and has stuck around for ages and their ‘new in’ items are individual, affordable and beautiful. 

When I wore these trousers a lady stopped me in the street and said “wow, nice trousers” it made me feel great for the rest of the day. If you see someone wearing something amazing, be kind and pay them a compliment – that feeling is a nice one to share 💜

Furry Bag
Crepe Trousers

Animal Print

There is a lot of awful animal print clothing out there.

I like animal print, but only if it’s tasteful. I have been after an animal print skirt for ages but I still haven’t been able to find one. 

Most people, when they hear the phrase “leopard-print dress,” picture something skin-tight and, for lack of a better word, tarty, but it doesn’t have to be that way and I found this really cute, floaty dress from ASOS. 

This is the petite drop waist dress in animal print, size 8 and it was £14 (item no: 873633). I have linked this at the bottom of the page.

When I pulled this dress out of the bag I thought I had been sent the wrong size as it is quite wide for an 8. Having tried this on though I really like it and I’m quite glad it’s not skin-tight as I bought this as a dress for work. I did try and team it with a belt but it went from being nice and modest to tight and a little bit of bum …… not for work no!

I just had this view of animal print as being quite ‘Ab Fab’ and that definitely isn’t me, but having looked specifically at animal print clothes I really quite like it. 

As far as prints go, animal/leopard is quite sexy, so it’s a great way to add a little sass to a pair of jeans if worn with leopard print heels or even a simple t-shirt. I think it’s also a massive ‘feminine’ print to wear …. I can’t say I have seen many men wearing animal print around Sheffield 🛍

Try to be curious and experiment with different prints, colours and styles. So what if it’s not quite you, at least you tried ✨

ASOS animal print dress



Statement Prints

I’ll be honest, I hated statement prints. I thought some were tacky and some just god awful …. “bend over, I’ll drive” or “more issues than Vogue” ….. just no!!

However, I have turned a corner and purchased a statement t-shirt and a sports bra from Pretty Little Thing. I think you will like these.

One thing I will say about Pretty Little Thing is that their models are stunning! They make the clothes look amazing that’s for sure 😍

The t-shirt is the Boob Slogan Black t-shirt dress which was £12.00. This dress made me smile. I feel it’s a ‘bold’ and effortless dress without having to say anything. It’s quite long on me so I would probably wear this in summer with my Converse. I have linked this item at the bottom of the page.

The bra is the Pretty Little Thing Nude Sports Bra which was £10.00. The model for this is Kylie Jenner and I unfortunately don’t fill the bra like she does 😤 I have also linked this item at the bottom of the page.

I won’t be wearing this bra to the gym, or anything resembling sports, as it will be more of a fashion piece in the summer underneath a tight white t-shirt or vest.

I really like clothes that have an elastic waistband with the brand written on. I think they look striking but also feel really flattering because the elastic creates a snug fit. 

I noticed Pretty Little Thing also do the leggings to match my sports bra so that might appear on my shopping list as well …. keep watching 👑

Slogan Boob Dress

Sports Bra



Floral Prints

Florals can be a bit ‘loud’ can’t they. I appear to have acquired quite a few statement floral pieces recently. 

My last blog featured my floral floaty skirt and I wanted to show you a top that I was bought at Christmas and some trousers I recently bought from Boohoo.

The top is from ASOS and having tried to look for it again, it now isn’t available – sadly. I love how different this top is and that’s what caught my eye. I love the colours and the separation of the flower pattern throughout the top. I even bought myself some skinny navy trousers to wear especially with this top 💐

Now, the trousers. These are from Boohoo and are the Kellie Dark Floral Skinny Stretch Trousers and were £10.00 (item no: dzz6381810518). I have linked them at the bottom of the page.

I was dubious and didn’t think they would fit, however they do, but they are definitely skinny. I also ordered a size bigger than I normally am as I have a big bum and thighs 🙋🏼 I thought the print on these trousers was really smart – not too loud but still smart so that I can wear them for work.

I’m fed up of winter and being cold so I’m wearing my bright floral clothes to cheer myself up and hopefully anyone who admires my outfit.

Bring on summer 🌼🐝

Boohoo floral skinny trousers


Big Skirts

I have always admired big skirts but just couldn’t see myself in one.

I was recently at a graduation ceremony and I saw a girl, who was not much taller than me, with the most beautiful red, big, floor length skirt. It looked so good on her because she had the waistband pulled quite high up, almost just under her boobs – and it looked amazing so I thought right, I’m trying a big skirt …… or two!

So, I bought this floral skirt from Boohoo and it is the Lua Autumnal Print Box Pleat Midi Skirt (item no: dzz6988014416) which was £6.00 in the sale – crazy!

I also saw this skirt from Zara and it is the Shiny Pleated Skirt (item no: 7288/256/050) which was £5.99 – again, crazy! This is my favourite skirt ever. I feel like a hula girl 🌼

I wear my big skirts with a tight fitting, plain top. Or even a crop top. I think crop tops are perfect with a big skirt as you can show some skin and not look drowned in material. Always wear heels with a big skirt. It will give you better posture and it makes your legs look longer and thinner.

Big skirts make me feel more girly than a short, tight skirt. Bizarrely. I think it’s because I can get away with ‘tiny’ up top, but not look too exposed, and the floaty effect makes me feel really feminine and pretty.

If like me you doubted big skirts then I really would try one, if you think it won’t suit you, you just might surprise yourself 👗




Kylie Make Up

Aaaggghhhh look at my beautiful make up set and lip kit 💜💛

Now, I’m not a massive Kylie Jenner fan however, you have got to appreciate how good her make up looks and especially those lips! 

When she released her make up range I tried to get a lip kit but they sold out instantly so I just waited for the ‘storm to calm’ and thought I would treat myself with some money I got for Christmas.

I bought the Burgundy Palette Kyshadow which was $42 and the Lip Kit in shade Moon which was $29. Shipping is $14.95 but my friend was in America at the time so I saved money on postage. 

Her range isn’t cheap, I appreciate that, and if you follow my blogs you will know I don’t buy expensive things very often, but I had to try it. I caved to the pressure and hype 🤓

I haven’t actually used the eye palette yet as I need some practice in blending the colours and knowing where to shade and darken to enhance the eyes. The colours in the palette are absolutely beautiful though and I can’t wait to experiment.

The lip kit is quite possibly the best thing I have ever tried. It’s a lip liner that you coat the lips with and then apply the lip gloss …. which isn’t a gloss at all, it dries instantly and becomes a matte colour. I will admit, the colour is a lot darker on my lips than what it looks like on the box but I think the colour suits me and I really like it.

Check out my Instagram (debbiethedot). I will be wearing both the eyeshadows and the lip kit on nights out. I have a few coming up so you can see the make up as part of a full outfit.

Expensive make up isn’t always the best, but this lip kit is definitely worth the money 👄



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