Now I’m not a designer clad chick. Mainly because I can’t afford it but also because I prefer individual, cheap items and I also love a bargain.

These shoes were given to me by my very trendy work friend and when she handed me the DKNY shoebox I nearly passed out! But, I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t actually worn them more than a handful of times BUT I cannot part with them. They are like a gorgeous, but fashionable and glittery trainer ✨

I wanted to show you all a ‘different’ kind of heel and I feel I have managed it. I don’t believe you have to wear a slim, huge stiletto heel to feel tall and elegant, it’s all about how you wear them and how good you feel in them. I’m a massive fan of shoes and socks so the brighter/glittery the better, but they are of course optional.

So when you’re shopping around for some new heels, be adventurous and try a bold chunky heel – who doesn’t want to feel like one of the Spice Girls …..